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LEAD is a new initiative launched by Partit Laburista to increase female participation in Maltese Parliament.

LEAD is being led by MEP Miriam Dalli. This project aims to increase Labour’s female candidates to 50% by the 2027 General Election. LEAD is the party’s next step in the journey towards feminizing Maltese politics. To give context to the urgency of the matter, not only on a national level but on a  global level, there are only 11 women heads of Government (5.7%) and 11 women heads of state (7.2%) in the world. LEAD is a ten-year plan, which will be recruiting women from the age of 16 and over to participate in the initiative with one very simple commitment: to contest an election for local councillors, MEPs or for MP in the General Election with the Labour Party. The project will support the chosen participants through on the ground experience such as door-to-door canvassing, and media exposure as well as a nationwide awareness campaign led by the participants themselves. The participants will each be assigned a mentor to coach the candidates through various stages of political life, from networking to meeting with the people the candidates will hopefully one day represent. LEAD has been described as the most feminist initiative from a Maltese political party and we are proud to have started this initiative. This is the first step towards creating a more representative voice in one of Malta’s highest institutions.

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You can fit in the commitments of the programme around a full time job / study and family commitments. However, we do ask that you have dedication to the programme to ensure LEAD’s success.


LEAD candidates must turn 16 by the start of the program. The cut off day for candidates is that you turn 16 by the 1st October 2020.


NO, there is no preferred profession to take part in LEAD. The only requirement is that candidates have an interest in politics.


Although we are asking candidates to be at least 16 – there is no upper age limit to apply for the programme. LEAD believes it is never too early or too late to start your career in politics!


Yes, LEAD will give candidates all the support they need to be able to put their name forward as a candidate for a General Election. No experience is required but a keen interest is necessary.


We would love to hear from you. Please contact us on [email protected] with your ideas and details!


Mentors and candidates will be paired up throughout the development programme based on the commitment and the performance of the participants. The programme will not be limited to just the actual sessions, but a set of deliverables will be communicated from one session to the other, the delivery of which will be assessed.


A selection process will be carried out based on the criteria set out (which will be included in the application form). Principally, commitment and drive will be determining factors.


The aim of LEAD is to increase the number of women candidates in the Labour Party by 50% in the 2027 General Election, and as announced the programme is geared mainly for those committed to contest the next general election, without excluding the possibility to contest other elections.


As we are aware that participants will also have other commitments such as their families, we intend to hold meetings/sessions during times that are most accessible. We will also provide childcare facilities during these sessions.


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